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High range of implantology and aesthetic dentistry in Bogota.

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Welcome to Implant pro

Implant pro is a high end group of Implantology and cosmetic dentistry located in Bogotá - Colombia. We are dedicated to providing patients from all over the world with unique dental care in an absolutely beautiful and diverse country.

Our goal at the practice is to provide the highest standards of dental care, and in a manner tailored to meet your specific needs and wishes. We are dedicated to supply top quality service and satisfaction at all times.

Apart from our great rates, patients choose us for the personal attention and our domestic and international accreditations. We are conscious of the doubts that dental tourism can arise in patients, please feel free to contact us to clear all of them.

The quality and the care are the same as you would receive at home. But there is a major difference: the cost.

Meet our team

Our experienced, caring, and talented dental staff is dedicated in working with you to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience each time you visit ImplantPro.

All of us are honored to welcome you and assist you with all your needs with warm smiles to our practice!


1.Cosmetic Dentistry
2.Dental implants
3.Full Mouth Restorations
4.Periodontal treatments
5.Sinus lift
6.Bone grafts

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is the act of traveling outside your country of origin to receive dental care, most dental tourists travel for different reasons but mainly for economic ones. Patients usually travel from countries with high income economies to developing ones with low costs, in addition to the cost patients see the opportunity of R & R during the recuperating fase of the treatment.

People think that lower rates mean low quality treatment, nothing farther from reality.

At implant pro we use the same supplies from the same well known brands used around the world. Because of the size of our economies, suppliers adjust their profit margins and sell direct without intermediaries, fixed costs such as rent as well as qualified labor costs and taxes are lower. This makes our rates competitive.

Our Happy Patients

Richard, Florida. USA.

Getting the job well done, within the significant time constraint we had, due to the fact that I reside in the USA, made me feel secured about having selected you for the dental procedure I needed. Thank you!. You should not base your decision to utilize ImplantPro services on cost alone; but rather, for the quality of her work, the quality of the material used, the high level of professionalism and the excellent customer service provided by her and her staff.

Janina, Tampa. USA

As an Ex-Pat from the United States, I have had the privilege of seeing and evaluating some of the best services offered overseas, and I can assure you that you will receive only the very best from Ana Carolina and Gabriela.

William, Florida. USA

I was extremely satisfied with the services Dr. Ana Carolina provided at her practice in Bogota. She's very professional and reliable and the service was extremely affordable. I am thankful for a job well done.

Alfredo, Florida. USA

Having met you in Bogotá Colombia was a pleasant experience, both on a personal and professional basis. You represent a great example of commitment and results.

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